Vivid Display
Fast reaction time
Low CPU usage rate
How to use
Connect the USB cable to the iPad after installing the PC Program.

Open Menu
You can bring up the menu by touching the button on the screen.

Pairing and input mode selection
After opening the menu, proceed with pairing according to the guide by selecting the touch mode or selecting the stylus.

Use your EasyCanvas in the following way.
Use the iPad as a portable digitizer
outdoors at places such as a cafe or office.
When you are not working,
you can use it as a Replication Monitor.
Show your pictures with others in real time.
PC :
Windows 8 or later
Mac OSX 10.11 or later
Device :
iOS 9.1 or later
1. Several features may not work in the programs of Adobe CC 2014 previous version.
2. Connections may not work well in environments with NVIDIA graphics card that supports Optimus technology.
3. It cannot be used on a PC using an ARM CPU.

Press Kit
You can use the file below to write articles and reviews.

Now, Try using EasyCanvas!