Support wire/wireless connection
Finger Gestures
How to use
1.Install PC program
Install PC Program from the homepage and run.
※EasyCanvas Pro supports Windows10.

2.Install App
Download the EasyCanvas Pro app from the App Store or Google Play Store and run.

·USB connection : Connect PC and iPad/Galaxy Tab with a USB cable
·Wireless connection : Connect PC and iPad/Galaxy Tab to the same Wi-Fi
 (To use a wireless connection, you have to register devices
 by connecting the PC and iPad/Galaxy Tab with a USB cable when connecting for the first time.)

Use your EasyCanvas Pro in the following way.
Enjoy drawing even in the cafe.
Join the drawing class with EasyCanvas Pro.
When you are not drawing, Use it as a mirroring monitor.
PC: Windows10(WDDM WDDM version 2.0 or later)

Device: iOS12.2 or later iPad
   Galaxy Tab S series supporting S Pen  
Pencil: Apple Pencil 1, 2
    Samsung S Pen

1. Several features may not work in the programs of Adobe CC 2014 previous version.
2. It cannot be used on a PC using an ARM CPU.

Press Kit
You can use the file below to write articles and reviews.

Now, Try using EasyCanvas Pro!