I cannot connect.
Cannot Connect
If you cannot connect, follow the instructions below.

1. Install iTunes on your PC and see if the iPad you are connected to is displayed.
If you cannot see your iPad device in iTunes, you may have a problem with the connected PC, cable, or device.

2. If the driver does not work properly, please click the link below and refer to the item of ‘Check if Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed.
iPhone, iPad, or iPod is not recognized in iTunes for Windows.

3. If you cannot sync in iTunes, please click the link below and restart the Apple Mobile Device Service.
Restarting Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) in Windows
※ If you connect the iPad to a PC with some security programs installed, they may prevent it from syncing with iTunes or they may automatically disable the ‘Apple Mobile Device USB Driver’ in the list of Device Managers.

4. If you get disconnected frequently, you can simply change the USB port or connect to a powered USB hub to solve the issue.
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