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The pen pressure input of Apple Pencil does not work in drawing programs
Currently, there are two types of pen input methods that can be used in Windows: the Windows standard input method and the "Wintab" input method supported by Wacom.

EasyCanvas application recognizes pen input using Windows standard input method.
Therefore, if the drawing tool such as Photoshop or Clip Studio is set to use Wintab, the pen input can not be recognized or malfunction can occur.
Below is a description of how to change the input method in Photoshop and Clip Studio.

1. Photoshop
  1) If there is a running Photoshop program, it will quit completely.
  2) In Windows Explorer, go to"C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 20XX(version to use)/Adobe Photoshop CC 20XX Settings/Adobe Photoshop CC 20XX Settings"
  3) If there is a PSUserConfig.txt file, open the file and change the contents of UseSystemStylus 0 to UseSystemStylus 1.


2. Clip Studio
  1) Run Clip Studio.
  2) Select "File" - "Preferences" on the upper tab.
  3) Move to the tablet tab, select "Tablet PC" in the "Tablet service to use" column and save it.


Also, if you are using a brush that does not support writing pressure in Photoshop,
the writing pressure may not be applied.
To check the brush that supports writing pressure, you can open the brush preset window
(press the F5 key, open the brush window and click on the brush preset button.) During brushing,
Brushes whose thickness and hardness do not change in the entire line do not support writing pressure.
In other words, the brush in the red block in the image above is a brush whose writing pressure is not supported.

3. Blender
  1) Run Blender.
  2) Select ‘Edit’ - ‘Preferences’.

  3) Click ‘Input’ - Change the ‘Tablet API’ to ‘Windows Ink’.
  4) Restart

4. Animate CC
  1) Run Animate CC.
  2) Go to ‘Edit’ - ‘Preferences’ - ‘Edit Preferences’.


  3) ‘Drawing’ - Change the ‘Tablet Input’ to ‘Windows Ink(Beta)’.
  4) Restart

5. Krita
  1) Run Krita.
  2) Go to ‘Settings’ - ‘Configure Krita’

  3) ‘Tablet settings’ - Select ‘Windows8+Pointer Input (Windows Ink)’ of Tablet Input API.

  4) Restart

6. Illustrator
  In the case of Adobe Illustration, there is no option to change the input method separately.
  When using a brush, you can select and use a brush that supports pen pressure.
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