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I cannot use the virtual extended screen


After Twomon is connected to the PC, the virtual extended screen will not be displayed in the app, and only the PC screen will be displayed. There is no virtual extended screen that can be selected in the menu.


The following may cause a failure to display the virtual extended screen or result in its unavailability.
 - The virtual extended screen is configured, but the PC displayed is copied by the app.
 - The position or resolution of the PC display is changed, and thus the virtual extended screen previously connected cannot be found.
 - An error occurred from the Devguru Twomon WDDM/XPDM display adapter that configures the virtual extended screen
  (error codes 10, 28, 31, 37 and 43).
 - The OS is not supported, or the environment does not support Twomon.


Bring menu with three fingers
 The extended screen can be simply selected from the app if it is configured in the PC.

  You can just one-tap with three fingers on your device after connecting Twomon products.
  Swipe and tap the display on TwomonUSB or choose 'Select Screen' menu on TwomonAir.



Enable 'Extend' mode on Display Settings or Uncheck 'Mirror Displays' on Displays after connecting Twomon
  If you cannot select the extended display on Twomon, you can try to enable 'Extend' mode in Windows,
  then you may try bring the menu after enabling this mode.

  Mirror Displays-en

Connect Twomon products after enabling the Twomon Virtual Display
 Note: ‘Twomon virtual display’ is available only in Windows 7 or higher.
 If the virtual extended screen is not created, you can solve the problem by changing ‘Twomon virtual display.’

   Change ‘Twomon virtual display’ in the ‘Display setting’ menu of the Twomon PC program while Twomon is not connected
   to the PC and then connect it to the app.

 'Twomon virtual display' is a new function that has been added to increase the display compatibility of application
 programs that use the virtual extended screen in Windows 7 or higher. It can select the driver for the virtual extended screen.

 The benefit of using the virtual extended screen with ‘Twomon virtual display’ set to ON is that it supports higher resolution
 and increases the screen output performance in Windows 7. However, there is a limitation in that the application program
 that supports the hardware acceleration function may not work properly.
 The benefit of using the virtual extended screen with ‘Twomon virtual display’ set to OFF is that it is highly compatible
 with application programs that support the hardware acceleration function. The weak point is that the performance of the
 virtual extended screen may be poor if the Twomon virtual display is set to ON under Windows 8 or higher.
   The recommended environment for using the Twomon virtual display set to OFF is as follows:

   1) The graphic card must support the virtual display when enabled;
   2) a video port to enable virtual display must be available; and
   3) the OS should be Windows 7 or higher.

Reinstall the Devguru Twomon WDDM/XPDM display adapter driver
 If the virtual extended screen cannot be used while 'Twomon virtual display' is set to ON, check if the display driver is running properly.
 If it is not, reinstall the driver manually and then connect the PC to the app in order to use the virtual extended screen.

Check if the environment supports Twomon
 Twomon cannot be used in Windows 7 Starter, in Windows installed through the boot camp, or in a virtual machine environment.
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