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The driver is not properly installed in the PC program . code 10, 28, 31, 37, 43


If the driver is not properly installed in the Twomon PC program, the virtual expansion screen will not be available and/or the touch input from the connected screen might be inoperable.


The driver may not be installed or function properly in the PC program for the following reasons:
 - The system was not rebooted after installation of the PC program.
 - The driver installation failed.
 - There is an NVIDA graphic card supporting Optimus technology in the PC.
 ※ As the Windows 7 Starter edition does not support the extended function, the WDDM display driver cannot be
 installed and the extended function of Twomon cannot be used.

   Checking the driver in 'Device Manager.'
   1. Press the Windows key + the R key and enter devmgmt.msc in the input box.

   2. Select View > Device (for each connection) (V) in the menu to align the drivers and confirm the Devguru Twomon virtual bus and sub-drivers.

   Device Manager Screen of Windows XP and Vista

   Device Manager screen in Windows 7 or higher.

   Double click the driver in the Device manager and check the error code of the driver in the ‘General’ tab.


 This section is based on the Devguru Twomon WDDM display adapter, but is also applicable to the Devguru Twomon Virtual Bus driver
 and the Devguru Virtual HID-compliant mouse (AP) driver.

Reboot the PC (error code 43).
 Reboot the PC after installing the driver and check if the driver causing the error code is operating properly.

Install the driver manually (error code 10, 28 and 31).
  Manual installation of the driver in Windows XP or Vista
   If error code # 10 is generated by the Devguru Twomon XPDM display adapter, the driver can be manually installed again to solve the problem.

   As the environment does not allow automatic installation, the driver must be manually installed each
   time the Twomon PC program is upgraded.

   Download the attached document and install the driver manually by following the following instructions:

   Manual installation of Windows XP display driver.pdf
   Manual installation of Windows Vista display driver.pdf

  Installation of the driver in Windows 7 or higher
   1. Open ‘Device Manager’.
   2. Select View > Device (for each connection) (V) in the menu to align the drivers. Select the driver to reinstall,
   right click the mouse, check “Delete the driver software of this device” and select the driver.

   3. Click the ‘Scan for hardware changes’ icon in the icon bar to recognize the deleted device again.

   4. Right click the recognized device and select ‘Update Driver Software’.

   5. Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

   6. Click ‘Browse…’ below ‘Search for driver software in this location:’ and enter the path for Twomon PC program installation.
   PC program installation path:
   32bit C:Program FilesTwomon Windows Serverdriver
   64bit C:Program Files (x86)Twomon Windows Serverdriver


   7. Reboot the PC after installing the driver.


Change the NVIDIA driver supporting the Optimus technology to ‘Disable'’ (error code 37 and 43).
 If the PC program is installed in a PC equipped with an NVIDIA graphic card that supports Optimus technology,
 error code 37 and 43 may be generated by the Devguru Twomon WDDM display adapter.
 In that case, disable the Optimus function in BIOS or right click the NVIDA driver,
 set the device to ‘not used’ and reboot the system to solve the problem.

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