Your tablet 더 자유로은 액정 타블렛이 되다.

Drawing Tablet As It Is Basic features, such as pen pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, and palm rejection, along with convenient features,
including customizable keyboard shortcuts and finger gestures, are provided to enjoy the same features from the actual drawing tablet.

Smooth and
Experience more detailed and smoother drawing with the pen,
fluid screen transition, and scrolling with a maximum
refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Enjoy the
Dual Monitor
Enjoy an extended display experience powered
by Easy&Light's exclusive virtual display solution.
Experience a seamless connection,
just like having a real monitor connected.

Supports Both
Wired and
Wireless Connections ​
Choose from a stable,
fast wired connection or a convenient wireless connection using Wi-Fi,
and use it wherever and whenever you want.


Try it now for yourself!